3 Reasons why Dilapidation reports are so important

We understand that starting a new construction or clearing away an old one to make way for your new development can be a long and drawn out process whilst waiting for planning permits and clarifications on what you are able to do and not do, and when it comes to that all important first step of having your construction, or the jolt of adrenaline when everything is ready for the demolition crews to move in and begin their dramatic and visually exciting work. However, if you’re going to do something, do it properly and consider getting a dilapidation report.

A dilapidation report consists of an engineer coming to the location of the planned works and assessing the work that is to be undertaken and how that could potentially affect surrounding properties. The engineers will take into account a wide variety of factors and information related to the properties and the works that are required, they will then generate a report containing their findings for the contractors carrying out the work to take into consideration. There are a few important reasons you will want to consider having one drafted up which we will discuss in this article.

Reassuring your neighbors

Now whilst the works are necessary, you can imagine that the prospect of living next to a home that is having heavy works done to it is not a particularly pleasant thought, what with the amount of noise and dust and debris that will inevitably disturb those living around your location is enough to drive even the most patient and friendly of neighbors to insanity. Well Dilapidation reports actually take all of this into account and one of the areas that are specifically assessed is the impact that the works will have on others living in the local area.

By getting this report drawn up you are not only showing the neighbors some due courtesy by consulting with a professional as to how you can minimize the effect of your works on those living around you, but you’ll also always have that report to refer to in case something unexpected comes up and you have to prove that that you took all necessary steps to prevent any kind of accident or mishap. So show your neighbors the consideration they deserve and cement that friendship that should be shared between you by making sure your dream home doesn’t make theirs a living nightmare.

Protecting you legally

Let’s say the worst comes to worst and some unexpected accident befalls one of your workers or damages property that doesn’t belong to you, then you are going to have to be able to demonstrate that not only the area was properly assessed for any kinds of hazards but also that your workers were taking all necessary precautions to avoid any kind of accidents.

Well that is exactly what a dilapidation report is for! They demonstrate that you took the time to consult a professional on the best ways to avoid any potential issues arising and what you could do to avoid it. Bear in mind that this may not completely mitigate your responsibility for the incident depending on the individual circumstances; however it will still show some level of competence in the planning of your project, which does go a long way.

Protecting your workers

If you are employing a contractor, then by default you should have checked that they have all of the necessary public liability insurances to protect you should something happen to them, however if for whatever reason they do not possess this, in the event of your contractors injuring themselves or damaging some public or private property, you could potentially be the one who would be facing legal action and a possible lawsuit.

But if you have a dilapidation report drawn up it accurately demonstrates that you have taken all of the necessary precautions to protect them and identify any potential risks to both health and to damage of private  property. Your contractors would’ve been privy to the report itself and therefore if they didn’t follow the recommendations of the specialist then the liability would ultimately fall on them.

Hopefully this clears up a few of the potential benefits of having a dilapidation report drawn up. Please click the following link for further information on dilapidation reports.

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