Homeownership does not only cost a fortune when you purchase a home, but also requires a lot of hard work that never seems to end. There are also things that you need to do or fixed around the house as long as you live in there—or that actually follows you the whole life unless you pay someone else to do it. Things to fix around your home is like a snowball, the more you leave the bigger it gets. In the end it might get so big that it needs you to fork out thousands of dollars. There are some basic things around our home that keep our home a great and safe place to live in, but those things need you to check regularly. If you catch the small issues on early stage and fix them, it might only take you a few minutes instead of lots of cash. If you never bother to check them, the problems might end up a lot bigger and cost you thousands of dollars. Read on to find out these 3 things you need to check regularly around your home.

1.    Detectors


Detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide should be checked regularly. The batteries can run out any time, so you should check in every now and then (every 2 weeks) to see if the batteries are dead. Also when you check the batteries, you should check if the detectors still work, while the batteries still have power. Having failed smoke detector at home might lead to a home fire, a failed carbon monoxide detector can’t detect carbon monoxide in the house, which might result in death.


2.    Gutters


Gutters is something that keeps the rain water running down into the drainage system within its designated route. Gutters can easily get clogged by just a few leaves or grime. Clogged gutters can lead the water overflow and run out of the side and run down along the wall onto the foundation of the home, which could damage a number of things around the home—plants around the home, molded walls and leaky foundation. That is why it is so important to get your gutters checked often. Clean out debris and rubbish to prevent it from becoming clogged. Get gutter repair service to fix your gutters as soon as you discover that it is broken.


3.    HVAC System

HVAC System

This one is associated with the temperature of the environment we live in, so it is a big one. We need it all year long—on summer we need the AC, on winter we need the heater. Other times we need the ventilation system running smoothly. It is recommended to have a service man twice a year to check your HVAC system overall. Having it checked regularly prevent the frustration when you need it and it fails, and the potential thousand dollar bill to get a new one. Also don’t forget to check your filters on a more regular basis. Wash them when they are dirty as dirty filters pollutes your indoor air quality.


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