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There’s something so irrefutably charming about antique furniture. That timeless beauty which you simply cannot put a price on…or can’t you? What if there were a way to get your hands on seemingly antique furniture at shockingly reasonably prices? That’s just one of the benefits of buying new reproduction antique furniture!

The fact is, not everything has to be “authentic”. Yes, it’s nice to have the real deal, but why stress about spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a unique, antique item; when instead you can have one reproduced, for less? Let’s take a look at some of the undeniable benefits and see if we can win you over:

Antique Furniture1 – Same look, better quality

Sure, we understand that it’s not quite the same, but who’s going to know? Unless you frequently host antique experts for dinner, will many people notice the fact that your dining table isn’t a unique antique item from the 17th century?

The fact is, you will have a stunning piece of furniture that not only looks the part but is built to a much higher standard. One that can take a bit of a beating without falling apart due to its age.

2 – It will cost you less money

Antique furniture is shockingly expensive. We understand the appeal of owning a signature piece, but sometimes the prices can get a little bit silly. This is why buying new reproduction antique furniture is the most financially viable option. Instead of spending your life savings on a chair, you can have an exact replica built to a higher standard delivered to your door for a fraction of the cost. You know it makes sense!

antique furniture3 – No faffing around trying to find the perfect piece

Antique furniture isn’t something that can be found in abundance at your local furniture store. The fact is, by opting for new reproduction antique furniture, you can skip all of the faffing around and simply pick what you want, then have it made. So, you won’t have to spend months of searching all of the antique furniture shops scattered around the country! It’s a fast and efficient way of getting what you want (and did we mention that it’s cheaper too?)


Again, we fully understand the appeal because antique furniture is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many wonderfully charming pieces that can be found, and often half of the fun is the hunt. However, it is important to remember that buying new reproduction antique furniture doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy exploring the antique shops and making the occasional impulse buy.

It simply makes more sense from a financial and quality perspective, to buy a reproduction model. At the very least, you should shop around and look at some of the reproduction furniture and see how it catches your eye. You’ll be blown away by the beauty!

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