When it comes to spending money, we rarely need much encouragement, however when it comes to the house, many people skimp. – Particularly when it comes to such important rooms as the Kitchen or Bathroom. We’re first in line to spend several grand on a brand-new 60+ inch smart tele with a built-in coffee machine; – and yet we’re more than happy to struggle to cook dinner in a cramped, dated kitchen.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Well, in this article we’re going to explore 4 tell-tale signs you need to visit a new kitchen installation company and invest in a long-overdue renovation. It’s something that is all too easy to put off, given the financial implications involved (not to mention the time it takes from the start to finish). However, if you can relate to any of the following points, then perhaps it’s time for you to bite the proverbial bullet and take the plunge!

1 – You dislike your kitchen and avoid using it at all costs

If you really do not like your kitchen and avoid cooking where possible, then you definitely need an upgrade. Think about how often you say: ‘sod it, let’s get a takeaway’; instead of rustling up a cheap, delicious and healthy home-cooked meal. The occasional $30-40 dollars here and there doesn’t seem like all that much, but those numbers add up in the long-term. (Not to mention how bad it is to be eating fatty foods all of the time!)

kitchen-stone2 – A Dated, dysfunctional and frankly, dismal kitchen is compromising the value of your home

What is the first thing that people look for when shopping around for a new home? A beautiful kitchen. This might not apply to you as you may well have found your forever home. However, if you do plan to sell-up in the future, then investing in a quality kitchen renovation will go a long way towards not only boosting the property value, but it’s buyability as well. (That and if you have found your forever home, then give it the TLC it deserves and have a brand-spanking new kitchen installed).

3 – Your kitchen doesn’t reflect the lifestyle you wish to live

If you find that your kitchen doesn’t function optimally, and that you’re unable to cook as often or as freely as you’d like; then it’s time to mix things up! If you love to cook, or get messy and bake cakes with your children, then a well-optimised kitchen renovation is precisely what you need.

4 – Cleaning your cramped kitchen is dreadful

There’s no understating how important cleanliness in the kitchen is! Which is exactly why you should look to renovating your kitchen if you struggle with keeping it so. Dated and poorly optimised kitchens can be a nightmare to clean. However, a well-thought out renovation might just be the remedy you need to make your life infinitely easier after cooking.

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