Holiday home has become one of the booming investment these days. Not only can you rent out your holiday home, but also a great place for you and your loved one’s holiday choice. If you are considering investing in a holiday home, or have bought a home near the beach in a popular destination, the biggest mistake you want to avoid is to let your property sit there and wait for the property market to change, and hope for the value will go up. Holiday rental can be a large income on the side. A great and luxurious holiday property can attract people who are willing to spend big bucks. I have put together a list of things you can do to initially increase the value of your holiday rental property.

En-Suite Bathrooms1.    En-Suite Bathrooms

If you want your holiday rental property to be one that offers luxurious and comfortable stay, private bathrooms should be the first thing in your upgrading list. Private bathrooms give a sense of luxury, and people who choose to spend their holiday in a holiday home usually have some money to spend and love a comfortable and pleasant stay. If your budget and space allow, a private bathroom in every room would be the best. If not, you should at least install a full bathroom with a bath, shower, toilet and basin.



Swimming Pool2.    Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is always something that offers the most of leisure and relaxation, especially in a warm and exotic place. There are 3 different kinds of swimming pools you can install—concrete swimming pool, vinyl liner swimming pool and fiberglass swimming pool. Different type of swimming pool is suitable for different needs. Fiberglass swimming pool has limited shapes and sizes available, and higher cost but lower maintenance. Concrete swimming pool is the most common one in the market at the moment. It can be built in any shapes or sizes that you want, and lower cost but higher maintenance.


 Master Suites3.    Master Suites

You should have a luxurious master bedroom in your holiday rental property. Put yourself into your guests’ shoes. A suite that includes comfortable seating, big TV screen, warm fire place, private bathroom, large soft bed and a big closet would give the guest real lavish and luxurious experience. A large luxurious master bedroom will help you target those rich honeymooners and luxury travel market.

Floors4.    Floors

Regarding the floor in a property like a holiday rental home, it is not recommended to use carpets as they pick up dust and debris a lot easier, and they are hard to clean. Smooth tile or laminate wood floor come as a better option for a property that there is not always someone living in it.


Kitchen5.    Kitchen

A great kitchen is always a selling point for a home property. Depending on your own need, you can choose a full renovation or replace outdated items in the kitchen. If they paint is a bit worn, a fresh coat of paint will give the kitchen a brand new look. Lots of people nowadays love open-plan kitchen, so you can take that into consideration as well.

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