Having rodents invade your home is troubling. They carry all manner of diseases and simply make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. It’s not a nice feeling at all. That said, rather than have to rely on pest control services to assist you, first, you must endeavour to keep the rats out in the first place. So, how do you go about keeping your home pest free?

1 – Block all entry points

You can’t be everywhere all at once, thus, the most effective way of keeping rats from entering your home is to block all entry points. Go around the outside of your home and make certain to block all cracks in the foundation, joints around the windows and doorsills, and the bottom edges of garage doors.

2 – Don’t feed the birds

As much as you may love leaving birdseed out for your feathery friends, it’s actually a really effective way of attracting rodents. Don’t leave free food lying around and you’ll significantly lower the risk of having a rodent infestation in your home.

3 – Keep pet food in sealed containers

As soon as you open a bag of pet food, transfer it into a sealed container. If you leave them lying around in bags, then pests will find a way in and eat them. Do not invite these pesky rodents into your home unnecessarily.

4 – Seal garbage bins

You must invest in sealed garbage bins for your kitchen. That way, you won’t have to worry about pests sneaking in to eat your food scraps. You should also endeavour to empty the trash into the outside bin of an evening, so food scraps aren’t left in your home over night.

5 – Keep your own dried goods in sealed containers

Similarly, to pet food, keep your own dried goods in sealed containers. Of course, just make sure that you label everything correctly, as you wouldn’t want a bowl of dog food for breakfast, would you?

6 – Keep floors and countertops clean

One of the most effective forms of pest control is keeping your premises clean. Don’t leave food scraps or crumbs on your floor or countertop. After you cook an especially messy meal, have a quick sweep and wipe the sides down with a clean cloth. Keep everything fresh and scrap free, and you’ll keep the rodents at bay—if not, then you’ll need to find rat control services for your property real soon.

7 – Keep your doors closed

If you need to keep your house ventilated without having to use your AC all day, then invest in protective screens so that you can keep the pests away.

8 – Keep a cat or a dog around

Cats and dogs are great pets for many reasons, but there’s nothing handier than having a little furry rodent catcher hanging around the house.


If you can make a point of ticking all of these boxes, then you’ll be able to keep your home rodent free. The last thing you need is to find that you’ve got rats lurking somewhere in your house. It’s a horrible feeling, and then you’ll have to call a pest control company to bail you out. The best pest control is pest prevention.

If you’re reading this and it’s too late and you suspect that you already have an infestation, then find a reputable company like Expert Pest Control to assist you!

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