In this article we’re going to take a look at the advantages of hiring a new kitchen builder, over a general contractor when it comes to your kitchen installation project. A common mistake that people make when hiring a general contractor is doing so, solely for the sake of saving money. It doesn’t always work out that way.

And of course, the purpose of this article is not to tear down general contractors or to paint them in a bad light. Every contractor should be judged by their own individual merit and there are many out there who do phenomenal work at extremely competitive prices. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that a new kitchen builder is much more suited to the task at hand.

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Why should you hire a new kitchen builder?

1 – Specialist advice

While there is no denying that most general contractors will have a brilliant overall knowledge and expertise when it comes to all sorts of general home renovations. However, when it comes to kitchens, you’re always better off seeing advice from the specialists. – Particularly when you’re investing so much money into your home, you’ll want nothing but the very best.

2 – Extensive and relevant experience

Another important advantage to hiring a new kitchen builder is the fact that they have dedicated experience. Basically, by working with a company that has specialised in new kitchen’s for years, you’ll be able to take advantage of their respective experience. A general contractor may have only worked on several new kitchen builds in their time, whilst focusing on other areas.

3 – Dedicated designers

Any reputable new kitchen builders will have a dedicated design team. These professionals will involve you in the design process and interact with you every step of the way. You might even be lucky enough to work with a new kitchen building company that uses state-of-the-art 3D mapping software. This will grant you a unique opportunity to explore your kitchen in real time before making any commitments.

It might seem like a bit of an unnecessary gimmick, but there are huge benefits to using such software. The ideas that you have might seem to work well enough in your mind, but when put into practise, might not be all that practical. A team of dedicated designers will be able to offer well-informed advice as to whether or not your ideas are viable. In any case, they will work towards actualising your dreams as best they can.



At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. If you’re not fussed about a brand-new kitchen then a general contractor might suit your budget fair enough. However, if you want something spanking, expertly designed and crafted with an un-paralleled attention to detail; then a new kitchen builder is the way forward.

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