You’ve already got the best location for your office. It’s time to make it to be the best working space. Choosing office furniture is as important as choosing the right location because the office is where you and your employees spend most time of a day in. Office table, chair, interior and color can change atmosphere in your office. Right furniture contributes productivity and positive perspective. Nobody wants to work in a messy and an area that is not comfortable. 

Here are what you should consider.


Having a new office is expensive. You have spent a lot on location, construction and interior but office furniture can’t be ignored.

Every penny counts, you should spend it wisely. If you have low budget, you may have to look for second hand furniture shop.

Determine your budget for office furniture to get an idea what you can have in your office. Because office furniture has wide range of prices, it can narrow your choices down if you have your budget ready.


No one wants to spend on what they don’t need. Imagine what your employees will do on their daily basis. Apart from desk and chair for each employee, you may need large table for meeting room, table for eating area or some furniture for common space. 

Try to observe what your employees usually do in their workday. What furniture they use, what need to be added or replaced. If it’s possible, you should allow employees to have a list of what they want in the office to make sure that you don’t miss any important stuff.


Size of furniture depends on how big your office is. Outline your office plan to know what can fit to your office. Having bulk furniture in small office will make it cramped and uncomfortable to work. Try to make the office clear and bright to create fresh atmosphere. If you have really limited space, try to maximize it as much as possible. You may need a professional interior designer to give an advice.


Besides proper size, function is another factor you need to consider before making a decision on each furniture. Does the furniture functional? Durable?

Good furniture has to be able to hold weight of files or other office documents. In limited space office, you may look for multifunction furniture, which comes with many functions in compact size. For example, partition walls are adjustable.


Health is a key to every success. Ergonomics are furniture that is designed to keep body posture in a good and healthy position to prevent pain and stiff. 

Having ergonomics office furniture can prevent future pain in your employees. Because the furniture is not too high or too low, they can avoid pain around neck and back and help employees to work more effectively.

There are many furniture companies offer ergonomics office furniture. So you have many options in different price range to choose.

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