When to call an emergency electrician

However you want to look at it, in your home there are several potentially hazardous and destructive elements that you use every day that could potentially cause a catastrophe or disaster for both your homes livability and safety or even for you and your family’s personal safety. We are talking of course about the elements in your house, the water, the gas supply and probably the most dangerous sounding one of them all and that would be the electrical current that runs through your house that powers most of the things that you enjoy on a day to day basis. However as we are sure that you are aware from the various public safety campaigns around this topic, that electricity can be very dangerous in certain circumstances.

If things happen to go south at any point and causes your electric’s to become either non-functional for important things like water purification and heating or air-conditioning, then the chances are that you will need to seek the immediate services of an emergency electrician to come and resolve any of these issues you may be having and return your home to a state of safety again. But when does the point arise when you decide that you actually seriously need immediate professional help to resolve this? Well let’s take a look at some advice from industry professionals.

If your house smells of burning rubber or plastic

This is one of the most important things that people tend to overlook when it comes to the wiring of their home. An unexplained smell of burning plastic that has had all other possible explanations of the origin ruled out is a very serious concern and it is essential that you call an emergency electrician as soon as humanly possible. Wires and electrical components are composed of a plastic or rubber coating of insulation to protect your home and appliances and indeed your safety from the heat and sparking that can occur from them being exposed. And an unexplained smell of these materials burning could be a strong indication that there has been a failure in the wiring of the building and the heat from the electrics has subsequently.

So if you come home from work one day and your house smells like a recycling plant then you should first of all check the cooker or stove as it could merely have been a carless corner of a plastic bag hitting your stove this morning that you didn’t notice and after ruling out this and any other explanation, get on the phone and get someone out to ensure that it isn’t a serious hazard to your home and your family.

Water Ingress

If your house or the area you live in has suffered with floods in the past and it came up to your property inundating any part of it with water then it’s essential that before returning power to the affected areas that you immediately call an emergency electrician to come and not only asses any damage to the vital components of your system like the fuse box but to also resolve any water that may have been retained by the plasterwork and pooling and whether or not natural drying would create some kind of hazard to the electrics. After all water and electricity is a famously terrible combination and can cause many hazards and risks to both your family and to the house itself.

So don’t be lazy and if you start to notice any patches on the walls, particularly around power sockets and outlets then its vital that you at least have it briefly looked over by somebody who is qualified to deal with this kind of problem.. However it isn’t the kind of thing that you should wait around for and it should be resolved as soon as possible.


Many times people are willing to put the safety of their family and the security of their homes on the line in order to avoid paying the admittedly hefty callout fee that most electricians charge for emergency services, while the amount is debatable, they are willing to drop absolutely everything they are doing to come and potentially risk their life to resolve this dangerous issue you have. And ultimately, can you afford to put your family’s safety and the security of your house in jeopardy to save $80?

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