Whether it is used for removing water from a space or a more specified use in your industry, pressure pumps can be a bit of a minefield for the uninformed and they incur a substantial cost so choosing the correct pump first time is essential. What should you look for? What things need to be taken into consideration when choosing? Hopefully this guide can help you explore some of the options available and assist you in making that correct decision.


Like many things, the chosen application of your pump is essential to choosing the correct model, pump head and power configuration. There are a few different kinds of pump so it’s important that you carefully consider the features in regards to your requirements. For example, a general purpose de-watering pump will only be suitable for moving water that is relatively clean and debris-free. And therefore wouldn’t be suitable for applications where a more durable and powerful pump like a construction pump, which is capable of moving liquid contaminated with sticks, concrete chips, stones and other potentially destructive debris, needs to be used. Submersible pumps are generally suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications and you should always look to discuss application suitability with your supplier. Strongman Pumps is a pressure pump supplier and are able to assist you with all stages of your purchase, please check them out at the above link.

Vertical Distance

Vertical distance is the distance between the source of the liquid and the highest point of the discharge. This will help you to determine your “total head” which is the amount of power in a system, and the amount of hosing required will vary between applications. Another thing to be taken into consideration is whether or not your solution requires the use of a nozzle or sprinkler, such as in a fire suppression or agricultural irrigation system, combined with how much discharge volume is required will help determine the required power of the system. The speed of seepage and the amount of material that require displacing is the deciding factor when choosing between lightweight domestic pumps and  a more powerful solution such as the aforementioned construction pump and is crucial in understanding your solutions is understanding your requirement.


Operating and maintenance costs

The actual cost of maintaining and running your pump also has to be taken into consideration, and obviously this facet will vary dependent on the kind of pump and the power required to move the material being pumped. As a rule of thumb, you want to choose the model with the lowest fuel consumption for the power bracket and kind of pump you require. Usually these more fuel efficient models are slightly more expensive but the short term investment is worth the extra money for the long term savings that are available when using a this kind of higher quality pump, obviously this will also have to be scaled with your budget taken into consideration.

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