When we’re renovating a property for real estate or even constructing a new build for future sale or lease we often neglect the windows. Things such as floor space, neutral designs, amenities and number of bedrooms are usually top of the list for most people – and rightly so. But you can find a lot of value in setting aside a healthy chunk of your budget for some of the other things which can boost as house’s value and overall appeal. The windows and glasswork of a properly should be used as a real selling point especially if you are in a location blessed by sunlight or stunning views. In fact, even if you are in somewhere less sunny the introduction of extra skylights and brightening up spaces can still be used as a draw to entice future buyers.



As just touched upon you should consider installing some skylights in your property as they can be a very cost effective way of introducing light. Maybe there is a particularly dark corner or the toilet needs more light. Skylights will make this a very quick win for you as a real estate developer. Make sure to use double glazing and even have a blind which can be used to close of the window when unwanted.


Glass Doors


Known by some as patio doors or even French windows, having a glass door can add a real impact to your home. Obviously you won’t be doing this with the front door but if there is an outdoor space then try to interlink it to a room through the use of a sliding door. These can be very sturdy and secure and needn’t raise alarm in purchasers’ minds like they would have done in the past. If this is not feasible just look at how you can have regular doors with more glass rather than solid wood or perhaps build a glass surround for a pre-existing door. Look at the direction the sun comes and find new places you can introduce more light into the home.


Glass Without Losing Privacy


Sometimes the main reasons why people would choose not to have a large glass wall or big glass windows is due security or privacy issues. If robbers can see inside of properties, they may be more likely to break in if they see something of value. As well as this but there might be an adjacent house which would be able to see straight into your living space because of having large glass windows or doors. This problem can be quite easily rectified however. Through window frosting you can create windows in bathrooms for example where you don’t want anyone to be able to look in. Alternatively, you can have glass tinting done on the windows and large panes. Doing this will not only increase the privacy without reducing too much sunlight but it will help to manage the internal temperature of the building and keep heating and cooling bills down. This latter benefit will be a great selling point to any viewers.