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Working from has become an integral part of our daily lives. People routinely work at night, on weekends, and increasingly on vacation. Even if we do commute to an office on a daily basis, whether you’re a teacher, lawyer, or business professional, there’s still a good amount of work brought home. That’s why these days; everyone needs office space at home. Ideally, it’s a tranquil space where you can concentrate and have all the tools you need to perform your duties.

Then there’s some that even work from home full-time. But the problem with that is, when you’re working and sharing the space with others, nobody in the house will treat you like you’re at work. They will interrupt you, make noise, ask you to participate in things and generally expect things of you that they wouldn’t if you were at an office.

So wouldn’t be wonderful and more productive to have a space outside of all that, but still be in the convenience of your home?

Well the good news is, there is! Now you can have your very own backyard office. They come in various sizes and styles to suit your every need and budget, and because they’re technically sheds (and not living quarters) you can install one on your land without any hassle.

How to get a backyard office installed?

So, if you’re interested in having an office for your backyard, you have two options on going about it. You can build it yourself or hire a contractor. Building it yourself may seem like a cheaper way to go, but there are actually plenty of places you can order from with pre designed kits, for not much difference. Plus you’ll saving loads of time putting it together, running around getting supplies, and dealing with the cleanup.

Backyard Office FAQS

Back yard Offices, or modular living spaces, can be transformed into just about anything from a music room, an art studio, a home gym, a craft room or just a simple cozy backyard office. When you are selecting a design keep in mind the function of what you’ll be using the space for.

Let’s go over some basics need to know….

  • Electricity – Most Studio Shed models include an electrical package for a simple electrical hookup and include all fixtures, switches, and outlets.
  • Bathrooms/Kitchen – Most models do not directly include or install bathrooms or kitchens. You can work with a separate professional installers or contractors to have this done.
  • Permits –Most places do not require a permit. However, It all depends on local zoning restrictions and factors such as:
    • Electricity: Many areas place restrictions on adding electrical wiring inside a shed.
    • Size: Many areas restrict larger sized buildings.
    • Extreme Weather: Some areas that experience frequent hurricanes and tornadoes will require all storage buildings to be anchored to the ground to withstand heavy winds. In addition, areas below freezing point will require specific methods for building foundations.
    • Placement: Many areas will only allow sheds to be installed in backyards. In addition some areas mandate that sheds cannot occupy more than 20% of the backyard area.
    • Purpose: Some areas may restrict the amount of “stories” inside a shed. Sheds should have a principle use. For example, if you plan on doing business or using your shed as a workplace, you will need to let your building inspector know.
    • Attachments: Many areas may restrict whether storage buildings are attached to homes

If you are building yourself you can contact your local building inspector to see if your outside office is up to code. If you are ordering one from a local shop they will surely know the local standards.

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Once installed an outdoor office shed will offer the perfect place for you to spend more getting your work done more productively and peacefully.

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