For those lucky enough to own ample garden space, installing an outdoor fireplace is a fantastic center piece that serves as both a gentle outdoor heater, and an attractive installation. 

Sitting around a campfire, or fireplace with family and friends has been a common pastime for as long as history can remember, and being able to enjoy this pastime in the comfort of your own home, at your own leisure, is a luxury that’s just one DIY job away from being a reality. 

Most of the year, the Australian weather makes enjoying the great outdoors a pleasant experience. But not all areas of the country are blessed with year round sun, some of us, like those located on the southern coast, have to deal with colder, and wetter winter months.  

If you have to deal with chilly climates, then installing an outdoor fireplace is a great way to be able to enjoy your garden, most nights of the year. Even in the summer nights when you might not need the extra heat, a low glow from an outdoor furnace is an ideal way to set the scene and create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Tips on Installing an Outdoor Gas Furnace 

Before you decide if you’d like to install an outdoor fireplace, there are several major factors you should consider: 

Safe Area for Installation

Whilst most well-made outdoor gas furnaces are extremely safe, you’ll still want to make sure the surrounding area is also safe just in case the worst happens. 

Things like neighboring trees, power lines and other structures can pose a serious problem. So be sure to install your fire away from any hazardous objects that could get in the way. 

Shelter from the Rain

No matter where you’re located, be sure to take into consideration covering your terrace, patio or garden to protect the area from light rain. Awnings, canopies and roofs may not keep the area completely dry in a torrential downpour, but they will allow you to sit and enjoy the space when it’s not raining heavily. 

Non-Flammable Furniture 

No matter what type of theme you’re going for, you’ll want to make the space as comfortable as possible. But, because the area will essentially be a fire hazard, you’ll need to make sure that the surrounding furniture is safe. If you’d like to add cushioning to the nearby furniture, high density foam is a typically a popular option for outdoor seating. HDF is flammable, however it can be treated with flame resistant coatings, and upholstery, so make sure you only use materials that meets these simple safety requirements. 

Safe Flooring 

The flooring surrounding the fire should be non-flammable, and safe to walk on even when wet. Natural options such as wood chip and stone are always great solutions, but you can also try rubber flooring (that’s flame retardant) for a softer, non-slip option. Experts can offer further advice on man-made materials that are suitable for such outdoor flooring. 

Professional Installation 

It’s advisable to have outdoor fireplaces installed by professionals. Whilst setting up a wood, or gas burning fire might seem like a straightforward task, especially for anyone who has experience there are several factors that must be considered, and since the fire poses a rather dangerous hazard, then these factors really should be gone over by an expert. 

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