How to keep your pool water as clean as possible

Now having a pool, to many, is a dream come true. The thought of coming home from a stifling hot and generally annoying day at the rat race and returning to a cool and clear oasis of fresh water, that looks so inviting after a day in the hot Australian office environments all wrapped up in a shirt and tie. Whether you intend to enjoy your pool alone or create fun and treasured memories win it is completely up to you, but it’s important that you stay on top of all of the maintenance requirements that come with pool ownership. After all, your pool doesn’t just magically clean itself and getting the right balance in the different factors that determine your overall water quality requires careful attention.

Luckily there are many different products coming out to help you with this uphill struggle, such as home testing kits, which rather than forcing you to send water samples to local testing centers for a hefty fee, can be bought in bulk to test for the correct levels of chlorine and too detect any potential problems arising from the waters quality. So let’s take a look at some things you can invest in early to help you both control and maintain you pools water quality.

Food quality pool cover

One of the things that can compromise your pools water quality is the environment around it. After all gardens are generally spaces that tend to attract all kinds of dirt, contaminants and other debris that either fall’s in from above or is carried into your pool by the winds. This debris can range between alot of things from trash and leaves and other biological matter, to particulates and dust carried on the wind and even wild animals can fall into your pool and either contaminate it with their hair and feathers or even die from drowning, leaving their dead body to attract bacteria and germs in your pool for as long as it’s in there.

Luckily there are a few things that you can do to try and stem the follow of external invaders into your home and one of the cheapest and most widely available things you can do is to install a decent pool cover to your swimming pool. They can vary in shape and style, from simple foam and plastic sheets that cover the entire water’s surface completely, to steel shutter types that are reminiscent of the kind you find on the front of store windows ns when they close. The kind you go for ultimately is down to the kind of style that you feel is best for the pool and garden, and your budget.

Filtration system

However, you can’t exactly keep out 100% of the problems all the time and sometimes you will have to tackle the occasional nasty that manages to evade your pool cover and other measures you have put up. Well that is part of the reason we put chlorine in the water, as it significantly slows the growth of bacteria, but also why it’s advisable that you have as good a filtration system installed into your pool as possible. For many people this is an area where they think that savings can be made, either by taking the cheapest option open to them without proper research into the filters overall; suitability for their particular pool.

Well the first consideration that you need to make is what material you want to trust to filter all of that nasty stuff out of the water that will be recycled back into the water you then swim in again. The traditional (and often cheapest) option is to go for sand, however there are more efficient and cleaner chemical options available as well as different kinds of absorbent neutralizing material like born, however these come at a heftier price tag and some may not want to justify that extra expense in the pool filter as practically, it will make little noticeable difference to you while you are using the pool. However if you have small children or the elderly in your household then you may want to consider it as these higher end filters kill far more harmful bacteria than sand ones reducing the risk of sicknesses developing form using the pool. Click the following link for more information on where to buy a pool filter in Perth.

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