Whether you bought a house specifically as an investment in which you got the house at a significant discount due to the renovation work that was required in order to get it up to scratch, or you just feel like your house is run down and needs a new breath of life into it, or your house suffered some kind of accident or mishap like a leak or collapse and requires major structural and aesthetic repair in order to make your home truly liveable again, then you have the excitement of redesigning both the look and potentially the structure of your home , however, as you are probably aware, if only it was as easy said then it is done.

After all any modifications or changes to the structure as is a long, arduous and labor intensive project in which you will probably end up spending a ridiculous amount of money in getting everything squared away properly.  So why run the risk of getting it wrong on the first go around and then having to spend, more of your time, effort and hard earned cash fixing these issues when they could have been completely avoided. Well let’s take a look at a few suggested people that you should discuss you work with in detail fore you begin.

Your local planning authority

As has been made a fairly big deal of in recent years, many different people have had the headache of going through all of the motions, stresses, hours of work and spent the money to have their home overhauled, expanded and revamped to until they have it just right, only to then realize they either had the wrong kind of planning permission or didn’t seek any at all before going ahead with the works. And the course of action that can be taken ranges from a stern warning and a fine, all the way through to denying planning access to your house and court ordering you to remove and tear down any structures you may have built.

So make sure that you book a meeting with your local town planning jurisdiction, whether that be in the form of the federal government in some cases or whether it would be the jurisdiction of your local council is down to your particular area ass it can vary from place to place.  And clearly lay out your plans to them, describe EVERY SINGLE aspect of the work that is going to be performed in the process of renovating the property and explain all of the steps involved and the contractors you will be using. Normally they will review all of the information you have given them and make a decision on whether to grant you planning permission or not and will inform you by post. So make sure that you obtain this clearance prior to even the smallest amount of serious alterations begin to avoid any potential problems. What could be worse than having to tear down a $25,000 extension because you had incorrect permissions?

Electrical work

Part of your renovations that you have planned either may involve directly upgrading the electrics system in the house or sometimes maybe even other work that is unrelated will somehow involve or interfere with the electrics in the property. Now as we all know how dangerous high voltage power cables can be its essential that you find an electrical contractor to handle all of this for you. Do not let your foreman or random tradie who “reckons” they can do it anywhere near it.

Apart from making the problem worse, if they injure themselves on your property it is by default, your responsibility and if it’s found out that you Okayed electrical work for someone unqualified, it could result in a huge lawsuit. If electrics are handled by somebody who is not knowledgeable on the properties of electricity it can also become a very serious fire hazard.

So make sure you get on the phone and find a trustworthy and reputable electrical contractors in your area to ask for their advice on how best to approach this work and whether or not they can help you finish it or not. Obviously you will have to have them come out and quote you in order to properly asses the work that has to be done and how much it will cost you in labor and parts.

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