Have you decided after going on numerous holidays that you often return to the same place and it would make sense to buy a holiday home of your own in the region? Perhaps you feel that you would be able to go on holiday more often if you owned your own property elsewhere. There are an enormous number of reasons that make the purchase an attractive option but can you realistically afford it? Of course you can rent out your secondary home when you are not using it so it can become a profitable asset but this is not a given. You need to carefully weigh up all of the pros and cons before you make the decision to buy another property. It could end up becoming a purchase you regret if you don’t make an adequately informed decision.




Obviously you will end up with a home of your own in a location you choose which you can visit as and when you please. The benefit of being able to just jump in the car or get on a plane and take a long weekend in your second home doesn’t need justifying. However, you can also make income of your holiday home during the times you are not using it by renting it out short term. Over the years you may even be able to increase your rates and thus increase the proceeds it provides. If you take the time to renovate and maintain it, you could even do this further through increasing the value and appeal of your house. You might find tax benefits through renting your property too but this will be dependent on location and regional laws.


If you are renting out a property yourself, you can end up giving yourself a second job. There will be a lot of time commitments needed when running a property rental and this might not be feasible. You could end up spending so much of your free time dealing with your holiday home that the hassle outweighs the benefits. You will need to fill your property to cover your outgoings or else it might become too expensive to keep hold of and you could end up losing money in the process of selling it on. If your holiday home is based far from you or even abroad then you will either run the risk of renting out a poorly maintained house or you will have to employ locals to do it for you.


Many of these issues can be resolved however through a holiday home rental company. The company Airbnb has grown to be one of the most popular hosting options on the market and through reliable Airbnb property management, you can have someone take care of all the listings and maintenance work on your behalf. Businesses such as this will act as an intermediary between you and the potential visitors and relieve your time and effort. They will take a commission for providing these services so make sure you budget accordingly for this. If you need to be maximising your income off your holiday home this might not be the best option for you.



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