Security Screen Vs. Safety Screens

Many people don’t realize that security screens and safety screens are actually two separate products.  It’s important to know the difference so you can make the right decision when selecting screens for your windows and doors.

Safety screens are designed in a way to keep the critters out, but let the breeze in. Security screens also mimic this feature; however they are specifically designed to keep out thieves and intruders.

Another difference between security screens and safety screens is the regulation standards. In Australia, all security screens must pass a series of compliance tests before being allowed on the market. These tests are specifically designed to test their resistance to forced entry.  Safety screens do not need to adhere to any regulations. You’ll learn which security screen companies are reputable by doing a little research beforehand and checking reviews.

What are security screens made out of?

Security screens are made from some of the strongest materials available. The frame is generally manufactured from aluminum and their mesh from structural alloy or marine-grade stainless steel.  This makes them extremely durable and reliable against any invasion.

4 reasons to get a security screen

  1. Children 

Every year thousands of children from around the globe are injured from window falls. Residential windows are not designed with the safety needs of children in mind. Children are naturally curious and unfortunately accidents do happen, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

  1. Insects

It’s a beautiful morning and all you want to do is open the windows and let that fresh, cool morning breeze flow through your home. Unfortunately, along with that morning breeze come blood thirsty mosquitos and any other critter seeking refuge.  Security screens are the best way to keep out the pests and let air flow in, no matter which time of day.

  1. Safety 

Criminals look for an easy target where they can get in and out of a home fast and undetected. The more layers they will have to go through to enter your home, the less likely they will be to attempt to break into it. Furthermore, the harder it is for criminals to break into your home, the higher the likelihood will be that they will be caught, seen, or scared away before being able to enter your home.

  1. Saves Energy & Money

Adding security doors to your home can surprisingly help you save money on your energy bills, especially during those hot summer months. Instead of cooling your home electrically when the weather is too warm, you can simply open the doors and windows, with security screens, and let that fresh air enter your home without having to worry about any intruders.


Security screens can be an extremely import purchase that offer many benefits to one’s home. If you are thinking about purchasing security screens, there are many factors to consider, so make sure you get all of your questions answered before you pay a down payment or deposit. And don’t forget to ask your security door installer about product guarantees or warranties.

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