Adding interest and variety to your outside space is something which many of us want to do but often shirk away from it due to the perceived costs involved. However this really needn’t be the case and it is really easy to introduce some quite inexpensive features and ideas which can completely change the look and feel of your garden. The list is almost limitless but here are a few suggestions to try out and add something more to your outdoor space. 


Quite often people put so much focus on the appearance of the garden that they end up neglecting its qualities as a usable space. Your garden should not be an oil painting which is beautiful to look at but nothing more. It is an extension of your living space and should be utilised as such. One of the ways to do this is to introduce some elements of furniture. You could have a patio or decking space installed to place it on or alternative just have it strategically positioned in appropriate places such as overlooking water features. Talking of which…

Water Features

Having some form of water feature in your outdoor space can really change the feeling of the entire area. A sense of tranquillity is passed on through it and it also adds variety. Alongside this it is one the best ways to encourage wildlife into your garden. Whatever feature you want to have make sure it fits in with its surroundings to amplify its effect. Consider using some stonework which you have as part of the house or elsewhere in the garden as this will allow it to blend in more.


Your garden should not just be somewhere to use during the daylight hours. By using some well positioned lighting you can create a fully usable area at night which will also look great. Focus on some of the key features such as alongside a pathway or lighting up a particular tree. Avoid the temptation of having large floodlights as these whilst being functional can be overkill and unnecessary.

Focal Points

You need to choose a handful of features to stand out and draw the eye. These can vary greatly and could be a particular tree, a gazebo, pathway, fountain etc. Whatever you choose is entirely up to you and situational. However the key thing to remember with this is to not have too many focal points else they will retract from each other. Sometimes less is more.


A garden needn’t be flat and even you are not blessed with natural undulations or natural slopes and curves this doesn’t mean you have to go without. You can quite easily introduce the extra dimension of varied height by hiring an earthmoving company to shift some of the earth around the back yard and then having it re-turfed or used for whatever other purposed you desire. The added layer of elevation can make a real difference to the look and feel of a garden so never discount it as a possibility.

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