Having a real grass lawn in your home is a great way of revitalizing your garden and providing you with that lush green space that everybody loves in the summertime. However it’s not as simple as it may appear on paper, grass like every other living thing on the planet comes in all shapes and sizes and different species not only look different but are actually more suited to different environments and applications and you must put little bit of consideration into what it is your lawn will be used for. Let’s take a look at some of the more commonly found species available in Australia and where they are best suited.

Matilda Lawn Grass

This kind of grass has become a true staple of Australian lawns for years. Inherently the Matilda Lawn Grass is perfectly suited to high sunshine, low water conditions and is also extremely hardy and resistant to the actions of any pets that you may have that use your garden alongside you. Also, unlike other grasses that can withstand low water conditions, it has a very appealing green colour and an extremely soft and comfortable feel to it. This grass would be ideal for the average family with pets that likes to spend their summers enjoying their garden.


Narra Native

Narra Native grass is an ideal species for use in many different applications and it is know for its particularly conservative growth rate, meaning that it requires less frequent mowing than other species of grass, an astonishing 55% less mowing to precise. Also unlike other species of grass, Narra Native is particularly well known for its propensity for holding onto the nutrients provided by fertilization, meaning that you only need to fertilize once a year unless the lawn is heavily, in which case two would probably be ideal. People who choose Narra Native grass are those who want a great looking lawn with less effort.


Kikuyu is something of a wildcard in this list. Originally found in the harsh and unbelievably dry conditions of the east coast of Africa. These inhospitable conditions have developed Kikuyu grass into an extremely hardy, water retaining grasses commonly seen in the AU market.  It is known for the its unbelievable growth rate even in the sunniest and driest conditions that you could find. However this resilience does come at a cost, and that being the texture of the grass which is particularly coarse. They also grow poorly in low sunlight conditions. This solution would be ideal for those with lawns exposed to high sunshine and low rainfall which would kill other species of grass.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, when it comes to planting these different grasses many people  turn to all natural grass turf to save them time, if you would like to find out more about this, please click the following link to find out about the different turf supplies.

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