We all know about the things which help maximise our returns on a property such as location, number of bedrooms and newly renovated bathrooms. But there are always more things which you can do. The market is so competitive now and with people tightening their purse strings post-recession you need to do even more to entice people to purchase your property. There are lots of little things which you can do which will make a big difference. Take the time to add a few of these additional options and you should have an even greater chance of making a healthy sale.

Neutral Décor with a Touch of Style

It is always advised that you should stick to a relatively blank canvas of muted colours. Bold designs and colours can really detract from the look of a room and should be shied away from. However, if you leave it looking too stark this can be unhelpful also. You need to have some elements of design incorporated and maybe a splash of colour through accessories such as cushions and table cloths. Try to place some ornaments or plants around. It doesn’t have to be a fully interior designed space but these extra bits, when carefully distributed around the house, will give it a better chance of attracting buyers.


It’s an old cliché that it is a good idea to bake bread so that the smell spreads around the house. Now there is actually a lot of sense in this but you don’t have to take it quite as literally as going to the trouble of baking bread. But what you should do is be aware of how the house smells. New builds and renovations can smell of paint or can have other unusual smells which have been created by the recently finished building work. The same applies with older properties which have been empty for a while and they can become musty or worse. Fully fumigate your property regularly and allow fresh air to flow through it whenever possible. Use carefully hidden scents around the building to make it more pleasant but use subtler, less overpowering scents. Not everyone likes to drown in the smell of lavender!

Double Glazed Windows

You really should try to fit all the windows of the property with double glazed windows. And when you do this point it out to the viewers. This can add real value to a building and particularly in climates which experience extremes of temperature. In needn’t cost you too much to have installed but it can be a real plus factor to any potential buyer.

Window Treatment

As well as having double glazed windows, why stop there? There are numerous treatments you can do to your windows to make them even more efficient and functional. One such thing is to have glass tinting done on the window panes. This will reduce glare from the sun as well as manage the internal temperature of the building. The tinted glass will keep the property cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and due to this will be far more cost-effective in terms of electricity usage. This will therefore reduce maintenance bills and should be sold to the viewers as such. Another type of treatment you can have done is window frosting. This can be used on windows which are necessary to allow in light but are not particularly well positioned. You will want to have privacy in a building so use frosted glass to help lighten up dark rooms which aren’t ideal for transparent windows such as the toilet etc.

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