Everybody has something better to do than cleaning, yet even for the tidiest individual cleaning your home regularly can become a tedious and boring chore. Luckily there are plenty of companies offering home cleaning, but a bottle of polish and rubber gloves doesn’t make a good cleaner. So what do you need to look for in a good cleaner or company? Hopefully this guide will assist you when going through the motions of employing a cleaner.


What is it you need doing? Is it as simple as a sweep and mop? Or are your requirements more complex such as a tip-to-toe deep clean of your entire house? Either way your expectations should be reflected in the price you are quoted, normally the amount of time it will take your cleaner and the materials and supplies they will have to use is what will determine the price you are given with the average cleaners’ rate being from $15 to $25 depending on your regional average.  Be sure that the company quoting gives you an accurate breakdown of how many hours the job will take, what specific services you will receive and what products they are using and how that will affect your quote.


When you find a company who offers you a quote that you think is reasonable, the book a few cleanings to act as a trial so you can evaluate their service and efficiency. It also allows the company to get a good idea of what exactly is required of them and what you expect of them, after all how do they really know what cleaning work is needed without doing it once or twice? And if they don’t quite meet your standards after a few cleans then they probably are not appropriate to engage in a long term business relationship with.

Working hard or hardly working?

As we suggested above you want to see exactly how well they perform, so when they have finished the trial runs, have a quick walk around and consider the following things:
.How does your house smell? Does it have a fresh and clean smell that you expect from a professionally scrubbed house?
.The carpets should be clean, debris free and apparent that they have been freshly vacuumed, even in the tricky spots like corners and skirting board edges.
.Check all white goods (e.g. sink, toilets, baths e.c.t) and ensure that they are stain free and freshly scrubbed and that the bathroom and bedroom mirrors are clean, clear and streak free.

If you have any problem be sure to attempt to resolve the issues with the cleaner directly. You don’t know exactly what was told to her and there are sure to be a few teething pains at the beginning. Check out Calibre Cleaning for more information on what to look for when it comes to residential cleaning.

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