Homeowners and property developers alike are turning to concrete more and more as the material of choice when it comes to flooring. It has a wide range of styles and is highly adaptable making it ideal for use in all sectors be it residential, commercial or industrial. Long gone are the days of concrete meaning a drab, grey, lifeless finish and the options available now are vast. If you are looking to do some renovation work on your property or are working within real estate development, then you too should consider making use of concrete flooring for a number of reasons.

Relative Cost

One of the major benefits of using concrete for flooring is that it is cheap when compared to the alternatives. Obviously these costs will vary depending on whether you want the concrete stained or using some sort of incorporated design but generally speaking it is very cost effective. Most other types of flooring will be laid on top of a concrete base anyway so it keeps the costs down. 

Long Lasting

Not only is concrete flooring cheap to have installed but it will save you money in the long run due to it being so long lasting. A well-made concrete floor should last for years to come and in reality should be outliving you. This allows you to have the flooring done once and so long as it is maintained properly once it has been done, you will not need to worry about it ever again.

Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of concrete flooring is the simplicity of maintaining it. You will have to do very little in terms of upkeep and so unlike some other materials such as carpet flooring you won’t have to worry so much about protecting your flooring from deterioration. Occasionally you will need to have the floor resealed and beyond that it will just need sweeping or mopping to stay in optimum condition for years to come.


Concrete is not only easy to clean and maintain but it is also very resilient to damage and will stand up to the tests of time. It is able to deal with high levels of traffic, will be able to support very heavy loads and will not suffer greatly from impact damage. You won’t have to worry about dropped items causing issues because the concrete flooring will be tough enough to absorb the blow. In addition to this concrete is very resistant to cracks and scratches so it will deal with the rigours of daily life without any problems.

Very Versatile

One of the major reasons why concrete is so popular is that it is perfectly suited to a range of applications. It will look just as suitable in a home as it would in a warehouse or office environment. Given the range of finishes and styles which can be produced the possibilities are enormous. You can make use of staining or decorative flooring if you wanted to add colours and patterns to the floor. You can select from a broad spectrum of colours and you can even have a highly polished finish which will make the floor look more like marble or natural stone than concrete. Concrete contractors will be able to provide you with a wide scope of choice to achieve just the design you are seeking.

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