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August 31, 2020

Cleaning Your Fireplace with a Pressure Washer

There seems to be no end to the things which you can clean with a pressure washer. However I have read numerous articles online which say that you shouldn’t be cleaning your brick fireplace and chimney with one. The reasoning most people give is that it is extremely messy as you will be potentially forcing the dust and soot out of the fireplace onto the surrounding area. However this really doesn’t have to be the case if you do it properly. Save yourself the hard work and follow these steps if you need to clean out your fire place and want to do it the easy way.


It is very important that you use a wide fan spray nozzle rather than a standard one so you need to make sure you have the relevant nozzle ready. In addition to this you must turn the pressure down as the brickwork can very easily get damaged otherwise. Set up the nozzle and lower pressure before you even start. This will save you making the mistake of forgetting to do it because if you do spray your fireplace on high pressure and with a standard nozzle then you really will be likely to stain your carpet with the soot you have just blasted away.

Inspect the Bricks

It’s incredibly important that you take your time before doing anything and check over the bricks. You need to do this so you can check if there are any major cracks or damaged areas. You will need to be very careful around any of these areas so take your time identifying them so you do not do any further damage. Next take a soft brush and dust the bricks down gently. Do this outside and inside and be aware that the interior might have suffered more damage than the outside and will undoubtedly be covered with soot. Brush this down lightly to start to dislodge it.

Now You Can Clean It

Only once these previous steps have been completed should you proceed to cleaning. Having brushed most of the excess soot off you can sweep this into a dam to stop the water which you will be spraying inside the chimney from leaking out onto your carpet. You will also need to get something to soak up this water so use either paper towels or have a mop ready before you begin pressure washing. Ok now using one of the many electric pressure washers available on the market from any suppliers, spray the inside of your chimney making a note of whether the water is being caught and not leaking out of the fireplace.  Finally clean the outside starting from the top and working down so that you don’t have to go back over it. All you need to do now is wipe up the excess water and you should have a spotless and undamaged fireplace.

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