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August 31, 2020

How about Functional and Social Kitchen Spaces?

A family kitchen is an often overlooked room in a home. The functionality of this space belies its other uses. There is a tendency to spend as much time in a kitchen as a living room. Many family members use it as a source of refuge during times when a house is overly busy. A lot of parents find their kitchen in the early morning to be a haven of tranquility before the chaos of the day. Many important decisions are made in kitchens. Many people use it as an admin space to calculate and pay household bills. Neighbours, friends, and visiting relations often find it a more comfortable spot to have a coffee and a chat rather than a living room or dinning room.

All in all, the family kitchen could be classed as the social hub of any home, and yet many homeowners don’t consider this when purchasing a new kitchen. Too much thought goes into the practicality of cooking and storing utensils, and little thought goes into the social aspect of the space. Fins a company that are experts at planning and implementing kitchen designs which focus not only on the functional requirements, but on the need to provide a space which allows for a high degree of social interaction. Homeowners, especially first time owners, are usually unaware of the  complexities surrounding a kitchen’s design.

Some of the things to look out for are:

  • Traffic – Is there ample walkway space. If a kitchen is a truly functional space with only one or two people using it there is little reason to worry about this. However, most kitchens will have a several people using it as more than just a cooking space. Is there an area of the kitchen which will not interfere with food prep?
  • Noise – Is a Kitchen suitably partition from other areas of a home? Open-plan is a fantastic concept for modern living but when it comes to kitchens it is worth considering having a fully partitioned area. Noise from one room can disrupt the events in another. Making a kitchen a place disconnected from the everyday activities of a living room creates a wonderful space for those quiet moments.
  • Entry point – Beware of what is happening at the entry point to a kitchen. Ideally there should be ample space for food prep away from any doors. Children especially may not have the foresight to enter and leave a kitchen in a thoughtful manner. If there is activity near doorways accidents are more likely to occur.
  • Is there an island? – If there is it should have a definite purpose. Many homeowners are attracted to this design feature but have it sited in a position where it loses value to its surroundings. Will it be used for food prep or a breakfast bunker? If it is used as a social space considerations should be made regarding seating arrangements. Some homeowners have islands installed only to later realise that the most suitable seating options give the worst possible views.
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