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August 31, 2020

Interior Design Tips

A lot of people look at other houses with envy and wish they had the artistic skill to achieve similar looks and styles. Some don’t want to copy the same designs but have visions in their head of what they would like but are not confident enough to attempt the work themselves. However it really shouldn’t be as daunting as people think. You can easily achieve some very effective interior design changes through quite simple things. So take a look at some of these ideas and see if any of these would be appropriate for your home.

Space & Placement

How furniture fits and is positioned in a room can completely dictate the overall look. Be generous with space whenever you are considering the size of the furniture you are going to have. It inevitably uses more room than you would pre-envisage. Whilst you might ideally wish to have certain items positioned in certain places, when you are using pre-existing furniture, you have to position it in such a way that it fits and is genuinely usable. You can do clever things such as placing a bed in front of a window but using a headboard which still lets the sunlight through. Alternatively you could use a nest of tables to save space when they are not in use or seating with minimal armrests. Consider how best to maximise your space so it doesn’t become cluttered.

Effective Use of Mirrors

Adding mirrors to rooms is a great way to add interest and give the impression of extra space. However where you actually place them will dictate how effective they look. Don’t just do it for the sake of it and consider what will be reflected particularly with regards to where you would normally be looking at them from. You can also use mirrors to highlight other features. Also consider mirrors which are positioned opposite one another to give extra sensation of space through repeated reflections.

Paint Ceilings a Lighter Shade

It doesn’t matter what colour you paint the walls of a room a good trick is to apply a slightly lighter shade to the ceiling. Even if you want it to be the same colour by simply using a slightly lighter shade you will trick the eye into making the ceiling appear higher than it is. This obviously will add a sense of space as well as brightening the whole room up.


One of the most effective ways to change the look and feel of a room without major work is by carefully selecting the accessories. You can achieve a style through these alone and if they are complementary you won’t even need to make major alterations. For example you could use some of your old antique items and combine them with inexpensive modern-built antique furniture reproductions to make a room look traditional or vintage. Lots of cushions and materials can help you too make a shabby chic look. No matter what design you are looking for look through pictures online and find some appropriate accessories or recycle the items you already have to achieve a look at a very low cost.

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