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August 31, 2020

Property Development That Stands Out

Whilst the housing market can be a flexible thing you always need to find ways to make your property development look more appealing than whatever else is available. Far too many new builds go up which are non-descript and lifeless and whist they might still pull the developer a reasonable return it could have surely made more if it looked distinct and more individual. Often developers are so focused on the numbers that they discredit the need for design touches and little extras which can really boost the value of your property. Obviously you don’t want these extra bits of work to cost you too much so I won’t be suggesting you build a swimming pool but there are some simple things which you can do to your property development which will make it more attractive to a prospective buyer.

First Impressions Count

Make the approach to the house look appealing. The entrance of the house doesn’t just begin with the front door – but don’t forget to choose this carefully too. Look at the space you have and use it to the maximum. Most people have more than one car so look if you can install or expand a driveway. This simple addition of another space could boost your property’s value and desirability considerably. If this isn’t realistic or simply isn’t necessary then spend the time to have garden landscape contractors in to really make the front area be it garden, driveway or whatever give out a good impression.

Standing Out but Complimentary

You want your property to make a real mark on people so it needs to not look identical to every surrounding house in the area. However, you obviously want in to blend into its surroundings somewhat otherwise it could become an eyesore or actually lose value. Look at how the other buildings are styled and what materials are used. Mix some of these in with your own designs so that it can still have an individual look but compliment the other properties. Take the time to source local materials too as this can be both visually pleasing and an extra selling point to use.

Use The Outside Space

Just like the area at the front of the house you should make the most of what you have at the rear of the house. If there is a garden have it professionally maintained throughout the process of viewings so it always looks its pristine best. If there is space to build a patio these can be a real attraction to buyers. Try to avoid uniform brickwork patios however as they can look a bit dull and are very common. Natural stone can be used through stonemasons to give your property an upmarket look. Alternatively polished or stained concrete patios can look very sharp and be relatively inexpensive. Whatever you do use the space well and buy some furniture so people can imagine what it would be like to sit down in. Remember to highlight the outdoor living space whenever it’s a beautiful day weather wise too!

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