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August 31, 2020

The push Towards Greater Cleaner Vetting

One of the big problems with cleaning companies is knowing whether or not the staff they provide are trustworthy. None of us are willing to let strangers into our homes without having a little information about them, and we certainly don’t allow unsupervised strangers in without having them checked out. Traditionally this is where a lot of companies lost the trust of potential clients. A cleaner could be hired by a company with only basic background checks being carried out. The most common way to check if a potential employee had good character was to request two references, which really isn’t too difficult for most people to provide.

Unfortunately this doesn’t stop anyone with less than honourable intent from finding employment with a company. References can usually be found somewhere, and most companies rarely check the validity of an employee’s referees. Also, most companies required that previous criminal convictions were stated on application. However, for many years companies would just accept the validity of the application which, for legal reasons rather than safety, would be used to hold an employee liable for breach of contract. If an employee committed any malicious or criminal acts while in a client’s property the company could use this document to prevent liability. This is naturally a prudent safeguard but it does very little to ensure that employees of good character are employed in the first place.

The Modern Vetting System

Today’s professional cleaning companies are much more sophisticated regarding employee vetting. This is a basic response to the desires of the public. More and more potential clients are only prepared to use businesses which have a robust form of vetting. This usually requires the traditional reference system  is followed through with a detailed response by the referees. Also, application forms require a much higher level of detailed information than previous ones: work history, address history, next of kin, credit checks, etc. But the most stringent requirement for modern employees is a police background check.

This is becoming increasingly popular in all industries where employees are allowed access to customer’s homes, but it has become especially popular in domestic and commercial cleaning businesses as the frequency of unsupervised access to property is more common. Companies are an example how the industry has tightened up on the process. The need for trustworthy and reliable employees in this industry has become a major issue and professional companies can ill afford to take chances with substandard staff.

For a business to succeed in today’s market it must offer customers the assurance that everything possible has been done  to guarantee a safe working environment. The competition for potential clients has become too intense for a business to survive without being able to do likewise, and tomorrow’s cleaning industry will surely provide even higher levels of security to appease the concerns of the general public.

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