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August 31, 2020

Theme Ideas for Your Boring Old Bathroom

The bathroom is a part of the house that most people do not bother spending a whole lot of time decorating. It is only seen when people take a shower or do their business, and then leave. But there are people who love to give their bathroom a unique touch. Traditional style bathrooms can be revamped into something more creative.

Let your imagination run wild with these theme ideas for your bathroom:

  • Beach Theme

If you are a beach lover, let’s bring the beach into your bathroom. The basic items that come to mind when you think of a beach are: seashells, starfish, sand and the color blue. Bathroom accessories such as towel hanger, shower curtain and mirror can be decorated with marine animal prints or can be embedded with real ones (or plastic and other materials). If you already have a few seashells from your last trip to the beach, they can be put in a glass or bowl for decorations. Having the wall or the floor blue or light sea green will give the room a more “sea” feel. A few wave patterns will not hurt. As for the sand, getting a sand color bathroom mat can do the trick.

  • Zen Theme

Most probably a popular theme for yogees and nature lovers. This will be best suited for bathrooms that have bathtubs as it can easily give that relaxing and calm spa-like vibe. Potted plants are definitely a must and some stones and wooden decor to add finishing touches. The tranquil feel can be achieved with earthy, green and natural colors. Destress and enjoy an invigorating bath every time in your personal zen space right in your own home.

  • Rustic Theme

This style has been back in trend recently and this can easily be applied to your bathroom. Aside from it being not overly costly. There should be a lot of DIY tips on line with regards to making your own decor but ultimately, furnishings that are rugged (but not dirty), organic and of natural character are the way to go. It will give the bathroom its unique personality whilst giving a homey feel at the same time.

  • Minimalist Theme

Don’t confuse this theme to having a stingy or bare space. Minimalism is the having the balance in simple and basic elements and bringing the focus on to the main components of the space which will most likely be the tub, the sink, the toilet or the shower. It avoids loud explosions of colours and excessive decorations so as to offer a clean calm vibe. Most of the time, this is paired with modern styled finishings.

No matter what theme you’re going with, it’s important to consult with a bathroom renovations specialist before doing any renovations. They can make this exciting but potentially stressful process a breeze. With their expertise and your own creativity, add a touch of ‘you’ in your bathroom instead of settling with your boring old bathroom.

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